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Project Description
The C# Todoist API is a C# wrapper around the Todoist API documented at This API is a work in progress.

Currrent functionality
See comments in code commits here:

Adding missing functionality to this mirror API is easy, please join and contribute if you're in need of a specific function.

To use the API in your .Net application just add a reference to the .dll and start coding!

You need a user object to get hold of any projects or items.

Get user by API Token:

user = Todoist.Login("[USERS APITOKEN]");

Get user by Login Credentials:

user = Todoist.Login("[USERS EMAIL]", "[USERS PASSWORD]");

Get users projects:

Project[] projects = user.GetProjects();

Get uncompleted items in single project:

Item[] uncompletedItems = projects[1].GetUncompletedItems();

Further documentation
See XML-comments in source code for further documentation.

The API is currently in use in this Todoist to iCal converter.

Please let me know if you use this API in any project.

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